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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1 - Welcome!

    • Welcome! Let's get started

    • 1A: Introduction to Adaptive Resilience

    • 1B: What are your crisis survival strategies?

    • Bonus Lesson: Tips for dealing with kids in COVID19 times

    • 1C: Brain science - How humans have evolved to become more anxious and distracted

    • 1D: Exercise - Reflective journalling - Your relationship to anxiety and fear

    • 1E: Intro to Focus & Mindfulness

    • 1F: Practice - Foundational Mindfulness Practice

    • 1G: Exercise - Time travelling audit

    • Bonus Lesson: COVID19 / Crisis Exercise - What can you control?

  • 2

    Week 2 - Getting to know the 4 aspects of your self

    • 2A: Intro to the 4 Aspects of Self

    • 2B: Holistic self-care and social support

    • 2C: Exercise: Download Template - Your Self-Care Action Plan

    • 2D: Exercise - Dealing with Mind-Emotions anxiety

    • 2E: Practice - Breathing Space

    • 2F: Exercise - 4 Aspects Lifeline

  • 3

    Week 3 - Mind & Emotions Practices

    • 3A: Growth Mindset

    • 3B: Exercise: Limiting Beliefs

    • 3C: Dealing with Limiting Beliefs

    • 3D: Beginner's Mind & Non-Judgement

    • 3E: Introduction to Self-Compassion

    • 3F: Practice - Self-Compassion

    • 3G: Practice - Rewiring your brain for happiness with H.E.A.L.

  • 4

    Week 4 - Body & Spirit Practices

    • 4A: Introduction to Body practices - How to shift out of the stress response

    • 4B: Practice - Somatic Practice 1 - Dynamic

    • 4C: Practice - Somatic Practice 2 - Body Scan

    • 4D: Practice - Somatic Practice 3 - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • 4E: Connecting to Spiritual Resilience

    • 4F: Letting Be, Letting Go, Letting In

    • 4G: BONUS PRACTICE 1: Rick Hanson - Peace, Contentment & Love

    • 4H: BONUS PRACTICE 2: Rick Hanson - Being For Yourself

    • 4I: Practice: Future-Self Visualisation

    • 4J: Exercise - Integration practice

    • 4K: Setting Yourself up for Success

  • 5

    Your Toolbox of Practices

    • Foundational Mindfulness Practice

    • Self-Compassion Practice

    • Dynamic Shaking Meditation - Unguided

    • Body Scan

    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • HEAL / Gratitude Practice

  • 6

    Great Resources!

    • Reading List & Resources

    • Download Template - Your Self-Care Action Plan

    • Please help us improve!

  • 7

    Ask us Anything! Post your questions here

    • Please post your questions here!


Get 4 weeks of powerful learning for just US$180

What is Deep Human Resilience about?

4-weeks of daily videos, original exercises and live practice sessions with the co-authors of Deep Human. Level up your ability to thrive even in the midst of a crisis!

  • Rewire your brain for happiness with neuroscience and psychology tools

  • Learn mindsets and mental reframes for greater personal effectiveness

  • Upgrade your emotional intelligence to deal better with triggers

  • Boost your energy and vitality with grounding and releasing techniques

  • Find your voice and connect to your values

  • Develop holistic resilience – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resilience

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The bestselling book this course is based on

Your instructors

Global thought leaders & bestselling authors of Deep Human

Co-Author of Deep Human & CEO of Forest Wolf

Crystal Lim-Lange

Crystal is an expert on human potential, and an education pioneer. She advises corporates, higher education institutions and government bodies on talent development and training as the CEO of Forest Wolf, is the Strategic Advisor to Minerva Project, the “University of the future”, and writes about Human Capital issues for Channel NewsAsia. Previously the founding Director of the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Future-ready Graduates, she has trained more than 20,000 people from young adults to CEOs of global firms.

Co-Author of Deep Human & Chief Psychologist at Forest Wolf

Dr. Greg Lim-Lange

Dr Gregor Lim-Lange is an expert in the fields of clinical and positive psychology, and mindfulness, and the Co-Founder of Forest Wolf. Previously the Head of Learning & Development at the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Future-ready Graduates and a Senior Lecturer in the NUS Psychology department, Greg is also a highly sought after educator, psychotherapist, coach and mental wellness expert who has worked in Asia, Europe and the U.S.A.

NEW! Bonus lessons with Dr. Rick Hanson

We are thrilled to add two special bonus lessons from Dr. Rick Hanson to Deep Human Resilience!

Rick Hanson, PhD is a psychologist, Senior Fellow of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and New York Times best-selling author. His books have been published in 29 languages and include Neurodharma, Resilient, Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture – with 900,000 copies in English alone.

 His free weekly newsletter has 150,000 subscribers and his online programs have scholarships available for those with financial need. He’s lectured at NASA, Google, Oxford, and Harvard, and taught in meditation centers worldwide. An expert on positive neuroplasticity, his work has been featured on the BBC, CBS, NPR, and other major media.

Rick has just released his latest book Neurodharma, and his online course, Neurodharma, is also available on Thinkific

What people say

Gautam Talwar

Managing Director, Spotify, South-East Asia

We are a fast growing team in a diverse region navigating through complex change. Crystal and Greg’s high-impact leadership coaching and training retreats helped us make major mindset shifts and level up our skills and culture. Plus they’re fun to work with!

Dr. Tasha Eurich

New York Times Bestselling Author of Insight and Bankable Leadership

“Deep Human is a game changer for anyone who is serious about personal growth, development, and positive change. "

Loren I Shuster

Chief People Officer, The LEGO Group

'Crystal and Greg blend the latest research, their unique and diverse experience with pragmatic advice on how each of us can lead a more meaningful and successful life, even as the world around us becomes increasingly demanding.'

Chng Sok Hui

Chief Financial Officer, DBS Bank

“ Leaders who want to create a high-performance culture will not want to miss Deep Human.”

Dr Pradeep Nair

Deputy Vice-chancellor and Chief Academic Officer at Taylor's University

“Crystal and Greg are perhaps one of the most powerful proponents of what it takes to make our students and hence universities produce Future Ready Graduates. They bring to us cutting- edge research and practice which make you want to disrupt what you have today and change, before we become obsolete.”

Paul Tan

Head of Manufacturing Excellence, Biologics at Takeda

“I was coached by Crystal and Greg on using mindfulness to increase self awareness, and then start working on myself before working on my interdependent relationships. They are authentic, energetic and really working on something very special.”

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  • Who is this course for?

    Our courses attract a diverse range of people. Some are high-performing individuals interested in personal growth and leadership. Some are people who are feeling stuck and want some guidance on optimising their life. We also recommend our course if you want to make time for self-care but haven't got around to it or need some inspiration and motivation during this challenging time.

  • How does this course work?

    Once you register, you will immediately be directed to the course where you can access all of our 30+ lessons in the form of interactive videos, exercises and practices. The lessons are meant to be done over 4 weeks, but you may access them at your own pace and convenience. You have lifetime access to the content that you have purchased.

  • I have a specific question for Crystal / Greg - how do I contact them?

    Please send an email to [email protected]


Get 4 weeks of powerful learning for just US$180